Personalize Your Homepage Based on Location

<p>This article shows a couple potential uses for <a href="">geotargeting</a> and content replacement using GeoFli. Using a website about holiday cookies and a couple examples from higher education, we walk through the simple process of <a href="">replacing website content</a> using GeoFli.&nbsp;</p>

Take a look at the geographical representation of searches for holiday cookies. Now, imagine owning an online store selling these five cookies. What would you do with this data?

Here's a quick video of what that change looks like. The best part, there's no need to jump into the weeds of HTML, CSS or bother your web-team. Simply point, click, and personalize based on location.

Using GeoFli's content replacement tool, anyone, regardless of technical background, can change the generic image on the homepage for to coincide with the type of cookie that particular region searches most. Using one URL,, website visitors from Missouri will see oatmeal raisin (really Missouri?!) to add to their cart while visitors to the same website from Montana, New Mexico and Kentucky will see Mexican wedding.Colleges and UniversitiesThough GeoFli works on any website, it was built with college recruitment and enrollment management in mind. Here are a couple ideas to get the wheels turning.

Personalize the Alumni Website: Homepage feature about alumni reception in Boston for anyone visiting from New England. Feature alumni scholarship recipients from that region.Admissions Interviews and Meetings: Announce the arrival of admission counselors for college fairs and high school visits. "Join Mike in Richmond for an admission's visit!" shown to anyone visiting from Southern Virginia. Increase website inquiries by increasing website goal conversions.International Recruitment: Set calls-to-action like "apply now" and "talk with a current student" in Japanese for anyone visiting your website from Japan. Feature an international student from Germany on the homepage for anyone visiting from Germany.

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