What is Website Personalization?

Website personalization is the practice of creating an elegant, customized experience for each visitor that lands on your site. Website personalization aims to improve individual web pages by adding content that visitors will find relevant.

Person looking at a website on a laptop screen.

Why Personalization Is Important

With all the money and effort that’s poured into online advertising, you simply cannot afford to have an underperforming website. Getting people to click on accounts for only half of the battle. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that once visitors arrive at your website, they have good reason to stick around. The goal for digital marketers is to turn as many visitors into customers as possible. Personalized websites have been proven to help increase conversion rates.

When it comes to digital marketing, one size does not fit all. Someone from Los Angeles needs to see different content than someone from Chicago. Content that a person in New York finds relevant may not be relevant to someone in Idaho. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website actively surfaces the right content to the right people. Geotargeting, the practice of determining the location of a website visitor based on their location, provides a great way to segment your audience and acts as a key contributor to website personalization efforts.

How It’s Done

Take any one of the many generic, one-size-fits-all websites out there for example. Each visitor who lands on the webpage will see the exact same thing regardless of where they’re located. A personalized, geotargeted website addresses this issue by allowing you to choose which people see which content based on their location.

With the use of geotargeting software, you can change the images, headings, text, and even the videos based on visitor location. This allows digital marketers to get as creative as they’d like when deciding how to segment their audience. A personalized website gives visitors a warm feeling of familiarity and encourages them to spend more time on the page. When attempting to increase conversion rates, those extra few seconds of page navigation prove critical.

Although website personalization seems like a chore, GeoFli makes the task extremely simple. Digital marketers should have the power to let their creative juices flow on a webpage without bothering the IT department. GeoFli can increase conversion rates by up to 30%. Don’t let your advertising and marketing efforts go to waste. Make sure that the visitors who arrive at your website, stay on your website.