Website Personalization for B2B Companies

Businesses who sell their product or service to other businesses have a unique opportunity to personalize their website content based on visitor location. Typical consumer marketing techniques often don’t work for these businesses because the person who is making the purchase is in a much different mindset when purchasing for their business than they are when purchasing in their personal life. B2B sales often require a long sales cycle with multiple touches and conversations with various people in the company. Having an informational, personalized website can help B2B companies make quicker sales, because it gives the purchasing company an opportunity to answer their own questions and get to know the selling company on their own. Here are three ways B2B companies can personalize their website using location to inform their potential customers and convert website visitors into website customers.

Location Specific Sales Reps

Many B2B companies have sales reps who cover a specific part of the state, country or world. It can be frustrating, as a consumer, to search through a list of representatives looking for the one serving your area or being bounced from sales rep to sales rep before landing in the correct inbox. Improve website performance by showcasing the sales representative responsible for the region the website visitor is from! Personalizing this website information makes it easy for customers to contact the right person quicker.


A software company might use website personalization on their homepage to introduce their website visitors from New York to the correct sales rep right away. They could show a headshot, name, phone number and email for the relevant representative. They could even set up a “chat now!” with the correct sales representative.

Personalized Website Imagery

Even corporate executives and other people with purchasing power care about being understood and related to. Just like in B2C companies, B2B companies benefit from adjusting the content of their website to to their clients. Personalizing imagery based on location can send a message to website visitors that the company understands them and relates to them.


A company selling cleaning products throughout the United States might use geopersonalization to show imagery of snow and the de-icer they sell to northern states and show imagery of warm weather and the pool cleaner they sell to southern states.

Product Availability Information

Some B2B companies sell products or services that are only available in certain areas or take a long time to ship. Being up front about this information is key to saving time in the sales process. Customers don’t want to have to sort through a long list of locations to find out if they can purchase where they live. They want to be able to find this information easily and without clutter. They could connect inventory and retail locations to the website experience. 


If a company sells a product that can not be sold in Alaska or Hawaii, for example, they might use goepersonalization to show only visitors from those states that the product is not available. This allows them to provide valuable information to the relevant visitors while eliminating clutter for the others.

B2B Personalization with Ease

Website personalization based on location helps businesses communicate more clearly with their clients and make more sales. GeoFli makes it easy to geopersonalize your existing website, allowing you to simply choose the website content you want to change, select the location to target and make the changes!

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