Ten Website Personalization Ideas: Business Edition

<p>GeoFli for business focuses on ten ideas to implement without committees or software overhaul. From surfacing products based on historical purchasing data to simply featuring location specific testimonials, GeoFli makes it simple for anyone, regardless of technical background, to get started.&nbsp;</p>

The Problem: Selling products and services online is challenging and complicated. In an attempt to improve website conversions, many online retailers and service providers resort to interruption, intrusion and invasion of privacy: the digital marketing strategy of the meek. Pop-ups plague user experience with gated content deals and discounts leaving high bounce-rates and a spammy (not the food) aftertaste.The Solution: Personalize your website content in an elegant and non-intrusive way. GeoFli allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to change and replace website content based on visitor location. We set out to create a service that was both powerfully simple and tremendously impactful when it came to the website metrics that matter.

1. Old-Fashioned Trending

You know your customers. If you’re shipping product across the country and around the world, you likely notice trends in what people order depending on where they’re from. Do customers from the west coast prefer the pint glasses while customers on the East Coast prefer the wine-glasses? When a website visitor from the west comes to your site, show them the pint glasses. And when a website visitor enters your site from the east coast, show off the wine glasses.

2. Regional Testimonials: Location, Location, Location

A slight increase in on-page conversions equates to large increases in total revenue. One of the easiest ways to make big improvements on website conversions (like double your website conversions) is to add testimonials based on visitor location. If you sell large furniture online, your FAQ page probably covers shipping information. Take a preemptive strike by grabbing customer testimonials. Here is an example of what your furniture company might include on their homepage for anyone visiting from Florida:“I ordered my bed-frame from the kind folks at Custom Furniture and it shipped to Florida in three days. I was hesitant ordering online but found the customer service specialists to be better than any in-store service I received here in Ft. Lauderdale.”

3. Sales Team Support: No Salesman is an Island

Unlike the CRM or content management system that everyone loves to hate, GeoFli works behind the scenes personalizing content to help your road warriors maximize their travel efforts. Heading to a conference or trade-show in Chicago, let anyone within a 100 mile radius know about it. “We’re heading to the Chicago home show. Sign up to grab lunch while we’re in town!” Now, you don’t need to rely on segmented email marketing or phone number to segment your audience: you can simply point, click, and change the content on your website for that given region.

4. Feature Products Based on Climate

Selling outdoor gear or lifestyle apparel? Focus messages based on the climate of your website visitor. During winter months, feature jackets, skis and snowshoes to users from those areas that typically receive snow. Feature warm-weather gear to anyone from the warmer climates.

5. Demographics and Census Data: It Takes a Village ... and Data

If you have products and services with large variations in target markets, using census data and public demographic data can be a huge win for featuring the right product to the right people. Find zip codes and cities with high populations of young-professionals to promote your job portal. Locate zip codes with a high percentage of high earners to feature your premium travel packages or products.

6. Google Trends: Video Included

Looking for ways to personalize your website based on geographic location but coming up short on ideas? Google Trends is a great way to find opportunity by location. Compare the results of products you feature on your page with national search trends. Adjust language on your homepage or landing page accordingly.

7. Geo-Focused Ads = Geo-Focused Landing Page

Combining your digital marketing advertising budget with GeoFlied regions and pages is a powerful combination. Display ads and targeted Facebook ads with geotargeted ad-copy sending interested customers to a GeoFlied homepage is a powerful combination. “Boston’s Favorite Grocery Delivery App” display ad now takes users to a GeoFlied page with personalized content for the Boston grocery shopper. Articles on grocery shopping trends for the Boston area.

8. Analytics + GeoFli

Using Google Analytics conversion goals, we can help determine where your highest converting customers are from.Fictional e-commerce data: website visitors completing a purchase by state:In the example above, what’s going on in Michigan? How can we personalize or surface relevant content to steer them toward purchase in the same way Georgia and Illinois are converting. Can you target Facebook ads and geo-targeted AdWords campaigns to higher performing regions?

9. Surface Relevant Content: Blog Articles, PR and Videos

Your marketing team works tirelessly to produce content. Too often this content is published and never heard from again. GeoFli wants to give new life to your great evergreen writing and video by surfacing the relevant stories. Local paper writes about your product or service? Feature that article to anyone visiting within a 100 mile radius of that city. Do you offer special tax discounts to specific states and have you written about the process? Feature those articles and tutorials to the corresponding states. Did you have a video promoting the environmental practices of your company in Pennsylvania that has since been archived? Show that video to anyone visiting from PA!

10. Multiple Location Solutions

Your business has five locations. Your business has one website. With GeoFli, you can take those five locations and display the one closest to your website visitor. “The best Italian Food in Illinois, visit our Peoria location today!”

Bonus: Translated Call to Action

What if customers from Japan saw a call-to-action in Japanese. What if potential clients from Spain were able to read case-studies in Spanish? Improve international user experience and conversion rates with translated text base don website visitor location.

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