Target Your Users by IP Address in Facebook Ad Manager

<p>What else can Facebook Ad Manager do? Create audiences from a list of emails in your CRM? Create a lookalike audience based on those emails? Direct ads to those custom and lookalike audiences? The answer is yes. We'll show you how to set up campaigns targeting similar users to your already existing customers based on IP address, location and a lot of other targeting parameters.</p>

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What are Custom Audiences in Facebook Ad Manager?

Facebook Ad Manager offers the opportunity to strategically target your personas using behaviors, interests, employers, IP address and other demographic information. These audiences are useful, but we can go a step further.When you consider these aspects of a consumer, you are also better able to segment based on their stage in the sales lifecycle and can immediately show them the content on your site that is most relevant to them. This will help ensure that they relate to what they see, which decreases bounce rates, and increases conversion rates, time-on-site, and overall engagement. With the information gathered from tracking behaviors and traffic on web pages, we can set up ads directed towards audiences who have taken specific actions. Identify your users’ habits and target them with the tools you have. Create custom audiences in Ad Manager, for example, to reflect users who have looked at your product or service, but have not purchased: Not sure how to do that? Learn how with this neat video:

Create personas for your customers by discovering who they are in a data-driven way. Check out your Google Analytics. Are they local business owners, always open to software that makes their life easier? Are they working moms cruising the net on their tablets for simple solutions to their daily tasks? Are they teenagers with their phone constantly in hand, less spending money, and more impulsive habits? Create custom audiences from existing lists of customers, behaved in certain ways on your website, or any other number of actions. Even though custom audiences are usually a lot smaller than regular audiences built from scratch in the ad set manager, better targeted ads yield more productive and efficient results. Imagine a sharpshooter, a professional bowhunter - with one shot, a result is likely to be readily visible. Now imagine a kid with a sling full of pebbles - the spray is wider, but inevitably, the success rate is lower. We know that this analogy holds true with Facebook ad sets and content targeting. That’s why custom audiences are so important, and so effective.But, what if we took this advice, and exhausted the current custom audience? How do we find people like those people, but different people, and more of them? How can we do even better than before?

Using IP Addresses to Focus Lookalike Audiences

I’m sure you’re wondering, why IP Addresses? And how do I even get that information? Lucky you. Read this from our article, “How to use IP Address Data to Personalize Your Website and Digital Marketing Campaigns”:

“It's no secret that finding your target audience online is easier than ever. With tools like Google Analytics, KissMetrics, Facebook Audience Insights and other data visualization apps, understanding your audience is always just a few clicks away. The important difference with IP address is that it's tied to location, and more, IP address isn't a guess or part of a venn diagram: when smart marketers target based on IP address, they are doing so with precise accuracy.

IP addresses can be used to target and change content for customers at a granular level. Imagine if instead of only showing ads to a particular region, city, or state, you could choose to show your digital ads only to people working for a particular company or attending a certain event. In this article, we’ll cover four ways you can use IP location data to customize and personalize your online marketing campaigns, and also show you tools to personalize your existing website! The goal here is to deliver a remarkable on-page experience without annoying pop-ups or lazy, disruptive advertising.”

It’s really easy, and readily built-in to most tools already. Check out the video to see how you can use the custom audience we just built to create a larger, but still specific, lookalike audience:

Lookalike audiences give you the opportunity to use the information from the custom audiences you already know about (who has signed up for your email newsletter, who has purchased and who hasn’t, etc,) and create a giant group of people who are similar and could be expected to behave in a similar fashion. In short, you don’t need to know exactly who those people are yet – you have the tools to make an educated guess. And you should. Finally, how do we get those people who might not have heard of us before, but will probably like us, to hang out on our website and eventually complete a conversion? Keep reading.

Sending Audiences to a Personalized Landing Page

So far we’ve used IP addresses to create custom audiences, from which we created lookalike audiences, and finally, we are able to use location targeting based on IP address to send visitors from a particular location to a webpage curated just for them. In previous examples, we used an example suggesting data from a retail business. Let's switch gears and change the context a bit - let's act as a university, seeking out students on Facebook and driving them to a customized webpage. The overall processes and principles are the same throughout. Let's act as Barnaby University. We’ve seen in our Google Analytics that Arizona visits our webpage a lot, so let’s target Arizona with a Facebook ad designed just for them.

The end result:Now, we need to send the Facebook users who click on our targeted ad to a webpage crafted with them in mind. Using GeoFli, we have the tools we need to create custom webpage content for the geographic regions we select. In this next video, we’ll walk you through the software by creating a campaign to change Barnaby University's homepage to relate directly to visitors from Arizona.

The coolest part? Because changes in the software are targeted based on IP address, only visitors in Arizona will see the Arizona-specific content. Everyone else won’t! Phew! There you have it! Campaigns, utilizing targeted information from IP addresses, behavior patterns, and other information, from beginning to end, made with a customized experience the entire way.

What GeoFli Does:

We allow anyone to change and personalize website content based on IP address, city, state, or country! We also manage robust digital marketing campaigns. If you're interested in testing GeoFli on your homepage now: simply create an account and start your free 14 day trial!Start 14 Day Trial Today:Have questions about Facebook Advertising or IP targeting for your product or service? Complete the form below![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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