Personalize Your Website: Online Business Edition

<p>With the growing number of business operating solely online through do-it-yourself e-commerce platforms, the importance of online marketing and strategic targeting is more important now than ever. This article cruises through a few tactics online businesses can use when getting started with GeoFli.&nbsp;</p>

Maybe your business isn’t brick-and mortar. An increasing number of businesses are working exclusively online. Whether you have a company headquarters or operate through a remote workforce, these strategies and tactics can help take your most important marketing asset, your website, and turn it into a highly focused converting machine.

1. Coupon Code Conversions

Tracking marketing campaigns based on coupon codes isn’t a new idea. If you’re just getting started with conversion tracking and website personalization, a good way to track the success of your GeoFli campaign without a high input of time, energy and resources is to simply create a location-based coupon code to use in your GeoFli campaigns. Targeting all website visitors from California? Use coupon code CALI20 and receive 20% off. Use this coupon code and language exclusively with your California GeoFli campaigns. Do you notice a lift in customers when the language is focused by state? Yeah, we thought you would.

2. Goal Tracking

GeoFli plays nice with Google Analytics. Rephrased, it’s really easy to monitor the impact of your GeoFli campaigns through your existing Google Analytics account. One of our newest features includes a pre-built dashboard synced with your GeoFli campaigns. If you have a few Google goals in place (and if not, we can certainly help), we’d love to help you combine those metrics with a GeoFli strategy. Do online customers in Virginia convert at a much lower rate than website visitors from Texas? Display products that are most popular with your Virginia customer base. Not sure how to export data and get to this info? We can help with that too. Our goal is to make sure GeoFli improves the metrics that matter to your business.

3. Personalized Subpages

You’ve seen the conversion funnel before. Shoppers in the awareness phase land on your site, poke around, and most of the time they leave. Bounce. Abandon. Exit. Whatever you’d like to call it. GeoFli works on any page of your website, and as we’ve seen, this usually isn’t the homepage. GeoFli personalizes content at the critical points in the customer journey. What if you could surface your price compared to other competitors in the Dallas metropolitan area? What if you could promote in-store pickup to users within a 100 mile radius? Imagine the seamless path from website visit to checkout if you could display only the products that you shipped or services you offered in certain locations to website visitors from those locations?

4. Tradeshow Traction

Since you may not have a physical location with foot-traffic walking through your doors, your lead strategy could include a lot of outside sales. And if you’ve ever stood behind a trade-show with little to no traffic, you understand how defeating that can make you feel. Sure, your outside sales team and your marketing department work to alert the potential customers, clients and key stakeholders in the area before arrival, but what about the potential customers and clients in the awareness phase? How do they hear about your arrival if you don’t have their email address? Now, when a potential customer visits your site from the area of the expo or conference, you’ll be able to change and replace existing content to let those high-value customers know to meet with you while you’re there. Can you think of a way to incentivize them to join your for a meeting?

5. Showcase The Local Office

Depending on website visitor location, if your online business has a local office where people can come and say hello and grab a coffee with their customer-service-representative in person, promote that! “In the Austin area? Swing by our company HQ and play a round of ping-pong!” Surface the message to those website visitors from a 10, 25, 50, or 100 mile radius of your company HQ.That's a quick look at how we've seen e-commerce websites be successful with GeoFli. For help setting up campaigns, targeting content or just figuring out what your customer segments should be, give us a call, send us an email or stop by our Missoula, Montana offices!

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