Personalize the Homepage, Increase Conversions

<p>This article runs quickly through the process of personalizing a homepage image and the dramatic impact it can have on website conversions. In recent case-studies with e-commerce companies, surfacing relevant content has produced a 92% lift in the number of pages viewed per session. Check it out!</p>

We all have hesitations when it comes to making purchases. When website analytics combine with behavioral psychology, it reveals some fascinating results about the decisions we make. From picking a college to choosing a flavor of ice cream, we all have our processes for making decisions; and we make 35,000 of them every day.In the framework introduced by Dave McClure from 500 startups, he talks about growth marketing for pirates:This article focuses specifically on the Activation stage. At the activation stage, your website has visitors and is able to acquire (acquisition stage) visitors to the site through SEO, PR, content, social and other channels. Your goal now is to convert those visitors into customers, subscribers, fans or followers. Ultimately, you’re wanting them to take your desired action.

Here’s a real world example:

Dave from New York City considers a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, but he has some hesitations:

  • How do I get there?
  • Do I need a car?
  • How’s the WiFi?

These are the thoughts running through his head that could ultimately cause him to scrap the idea completely.Now, imagine you’re the director of the Yellowstone National Park marketing team. Dave is not alone in his concerns. You find (through a simple survey) that 75% of travelers from the East Coast are concerned with the “how to get there” question. Using content replacement, you can easily address that concern to anyone from the East Coast without alienating your local or regional visitors. Personalize content for a specific zip-code, state, region or country. Below you'll find the current Yellowstone National Park page (left) and a version personalized with GeoFli for New York visitors (right). If you're Dave, which one are you going to click through?

What Does Location Data Look Like?

GeoFli content replacement tool changes content based on IP address. It’s that simple. Your IP address is different when you’re at home compared to when you’re at work. Your IP address is one thing when you get on the airplane, and another when you get off. Select which region (IP address group) you want to target and then start personalizing. To most effectively use location data it’s important to map out the customer’s journey. In thinking through where customers are literally (and figuratively) coming from, you’ll notice an improved user experience: time-on-site, pages-per-session, decrease bounce-rate, and increase in conversions when personalizing and segmenting website content.

Understanding the Customer Journey

You can use geographic segmentation to map out the customer’s journey. Here’s a great video by Deloitte that outlines the process.

Once you map out the customer’s journey, where do you notice those key touch points failing? When you look at your website analytics, where do your New York visitors drop off? Is it in the activation stage? How can you make your customer’s life easier? Segment and personalize content to remove hurdles in your path from website visitor to conversion. Questions? Contact our team or request a one-on-one analytics coaching session.

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