How to Personalize Videos

GeoFli allows you to take any generic video on your website and replace it with a relevant one based on visitor location. No other software allows you to personalize your site as easily and effectively as GeoFli. In just a few simple steps, you can take your website from generic to geotargeted.

To get started, simply hover over the video you wish to change. When the blue selector box appears around the video, click on it and give it a page area name. Now, we get to the fun part.

Using GeoFli's web app dashboard, you can select states, countries, or even draw your own custom region that you want to personalize content for. Essentially, you tell GeoFli that you want anyone whose IP address falls within the selected region to see a specific video.

Once you've selected your region, go ahead and personalize it! Simply paste the embed code of the video you'd like to show visitors. As a result, website visitors from the custom region you selected will see the specific video you chose.

Videos replacement is only one of the many features GeoFli has to offer. We are the world's simplest content replacement tool for website personalization. Our numbers tell us that personalization really does make a difference. Customers experienced a 25% increase in time on site as well as a 30% increase in conversion rates. To see how GeoFli can help your website out, sign up for a demo today.

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