How Geopersonalization Can Help RV Dealers Succeed

As you can imagine, it’s especially important in the RV industry to look forward — either figuratively at revenue and trends or more literally out of a windshield onto the open road. Over 500,000 RVs are sold each year, and it’s exciting as a business owner to see numbers grow year-after-year.

As the number of potential customers increases, however, so does the number of competitors. Not surprisingly, customers are relying on online shopping more than ever before.
A majority of customers say that they do their research online before making a purchase in-store; thus, it is important that your website is as effective as possible when it comes to turning “lookers” into “purchasers.”

One way to grab the attention of a website visitor is to provide them with personalized content through
geotargeting or geopersonalization techniques. Geopersonalization allows visitors from different locations to see content relevant to them based on their geographic location (as determined by their IP address). Here are six ways RV dealers can use geopersonalization to improve their website experience and chances of success.

Location-Specific Testimonials

Buyers love to mimic purchases — if someone makes a purchase, someone else with similar attributes wants to know about it. A simple way to personalize content based on location is to highlight testimonials that have come from people in the area you are targeting. This shows website visitors that you have happy customers just like them.

Location-Specific Content

Many RV dealers notice that their inventory sells differently in different parts of the country. You might, for example, sell an unusually high number of toy haulers in one state and an unusually high number of teardrop trailers in another. Geopersonalizing your website with these figures in mind would allow you to showcase new items and promotions to the region most likely to be interested in them.


Customized imagery is another great way to connect with specific audiences. Showcasing an RV settled in a snowy Montana campground might resonate with site visitors from the state, but visitors from Arizona might not relate to that image very well.
Geopersonalizing your website for this purpose will allow every user to see imagery that looks like home. Relatable images help your website visitors see themselves using your product — when they can picture themselves driving through their own terrain, they are more likely to make a purchase!


Do you have multiple dealership locations? Showing website visitors which inventory is available at their local dealership allows customers to shop only relevant, nearby options, simplifying their buying experience and shortening their path to purchase.

Regional Promotions

You might sell an item that is only useful in specific regions. Ice fishing shacks, for example, might be in your inventory, but it wouldn’t make sense to promote this product to your customers in southern, humid climates. Promoting specific items to specific locations can help make sure the people who are most likely to buy that product will see it when they visit your website.

RV Shows and Events

Do you have a show coming up? Promote the event and your showcased inventory to only those who are in the area and interested. Using geotargeting to promote RV show and event information lets you share specific information with the people who are close enough to travel to the event to see your inventory. It also helps you avoid showing unnecessary information to someone visiting your site from somewhere else, improving site experience at the regional level.

Using GeoFli to Get Started

GeoFli is the best tool on the market when it comes to geopersonalizing website content. Easy to understand and navigate, the GeoFli platform can be applied to any site by anyone, no matter their tech ability. Get started with your free trial today!

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