How University Foundations Can Benefit from Geopersonalization

Typically, it’s the goal of university-affiliated alumni groups and foundations to increase engagement, support and funding for their respective universities. In today’s digital age, the website created by these organizations can make reaching this goal easier.

It can be difficult for these organizations to convince people to donate their hard-earned money and precious time — and it’s especially difficult when the organization and its mission doesn’t explicitly resonate with potential donors. A great way to connect with donors and increase the frequency of engaged website visitors is to convey the advantages of donating on a foundation webpage, personalized to a specific audience.

GeoFli, we customize website content and change the information website visitors see based on where they are physically located — a process known as geopersonalization. Creating geopersonalized content as a foundation or alumni group helps website visitors feel more in touch with the mission and vision of the organization which, in turn, leads them to being more involved with their time and finances. Keep reading to see four ways foundations and alumni groups can use geopersonalization to increase more engagement, support and funding.

Sharing Local Testimonials

Donors love to see that their money is making a real impact in the lives of students. Sharing student success stories and featured testimonials from students who have received a scholarship or were positively affected by the brand new, alumni-funded building on campus can help convince website visitors to begin, or continue, giving support and funds to the organization. This is especially true when the student’s testimonial feels personalized to the person viewing the site. Geopersonalizing these testimonials allows alumni groups and foundations to show website viewers living in a certain location testimonials by students from that same location.

An example of how the University of North Georgia Foundation could use a testimonial from a student who came to Georgia from Mexico to reach international donors and website visitors .

Showcasing Location Specific Scholarships

In addition to rallying support and funds from donors, many foundations and alumni groups offer scholarships and grants to student and faculty. In this case, a specific part of their website is often dedicated to the goal of sharing information about these opportunities. Geopersonalization allows these organizations to show location-specific scholarship and grant opportunities to viewers in the corresponding locations, making it easier to reach qualified applicants and expand scholarship and grant applicant pools.

An example of how the Olympic College Foundation could highlight scholarships specific to students in Kitsop County to only local website visitors.

Highlighting Local Events

Foundations and alumni groups often host happy hours, reunions, presentations, ceremonies and other events to celebrate donors and encourage them to engage more with the organization and each other. Since these events are location-specific, however, not every website visitor is close enough to the event to realistically attend.

Geopersonalizing this content helps organizations make sure the people in the area of a specific event see the event information, while people in other locations see something else that is more relevant to them.

An example of how the University of North Dakota Alumni Association and Foundation could highlight events in Arizona to website visitors located in that state.

Sharing Relevant News and Donor Stories

Alumni groups and foundations love to celebrate and share news stories about the success of their university, especially when the success is related to the work they are doing within their organizations. Geopersonalizing news and donor stories so website visitors see the stories directly related to their location forges tangible connections with visitors, increasing engagement and support.

An example of how the University of Arizona Foundation could showcase their new campus locations to people viewing the website in Peru and Maruitius.

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