GeoFli In The Entertainment Industry

<p>Entertainment management is big business, but how much of that business is lost in the website user experience? Using GeoFli, musicians and anyone in the entertainment industry can make simple but impactful changes to their website. Check it out!</p>

GeoFli allows users to personalize their website content based on location. While our team has a wealth of experience in higher education marketing and communications, it's clear the demand and need for content replacement exists in all verticals. Today we're taking a look at the entertainment industry.A touring band could GeoFli their homepage featuring Dallas tour dates to anyone visiting their website from Texas. If the goal is to sell-out the show or enroll the perfect admission's class, converting website visitors is the key. Don't know your current website conversion? We can help.The video below shows GeoFli in action with a band's website. Using the same URL ( the band is able to feature tour dates based on visitor location:

Play the video above (one minute) to get a quick walk-through for personalizing your website based on tour locations.


This is more than a cool trick: this will increase tickets sales to website visitors from Colorado. The less a website visitor has to navigate, the better.

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