From First Conversation to First Conversion

In today’s digital age, providing high-quality, relevant content to your website visitors is of utmost importance. Delivering tailored experiences to visitors based on their unique preferences, known as website personalization, is one great way to do this. There are many benefits to personalizing your website’s content based on its visitors such as decreasing bounce rates and ultimately increasing conversions. According to Instapages, personalized websites, on average, see a 19% increase in sales. GeoFli is leading the charge when it comes to website personalization based on visitor location. We make it easy for you to start personalizing and see results – here’s how. 

The GeoFli Team

GeoFli is made up of team members dedicated to helping your personalized website or landing page content succeed. Trained in personalization techniques and helping companies optimize their website content, the GeoFli team is ready to help you get started in three easy steps.

Step 1: A First Look 

When you make an account with GeoFli or reach out to the GeoFli team, a team member will take a look at your website and send you a quick example of what geopersonalization could look like for you. This first look is not live for your website audience, but it gives you a real example of how the software works.  

This example shows how the Olympic College Foundation could geopersonlize their content to show location specific scholarships. 

Step 2: The 3-3-3

Once you have a chance to see a few simple changes on your website and decide that geopersonalizing is for you, the GeoFli team member assigned to you will help get you started by creating what we call the 3-3-3 for your site. This is a demonstration and of our software that includes three personalized pieces of content on three pages for three different regions. Not only is the 3-3-3 a demo, but it sets you up for quick conversions once you decide to make GeoFli live.

Also discussed in this demo are:

  • The scope of your website and how many visitors it receives.
  • Personalized content change ideas from our personalization specialists.
  • Whether you would like to manage GeoFli for your site or if you would like a personalization specialist from GeoFli to take over.
  • The investment to use GeoFli on your site.

Step 3: Tracking Real Conversions

Once the 3-3-3 demo is complete and you are ready to implement those personalized changes on your site, your GeoFli team member will set up your GeoFli dashboard so you can track real time conversions. GeoFli’s in-app dashboard is a great place to start. We also have the ability to connect to your Google Analytics account. This provides you with even higher level metrics. 

Once your dashboard is set up to show you just how well GeoFli is working on your site, your GeoFli team member will send you or your technical team a short snippet of code. This code can be installed using Google Tag Manger or by simply placing it between the header tags on your website. If you use WordPress, we have a Plugin that makes it even easier to install.

Great Customer Service

After this line of code is in place on your site, you’re off to the geopersonalization races! Not only is the GeoFli team known for our personalization expertise, but we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We want your website to reach new heights thanks to geopersonalization, and we are here every step of the way to make sure that happens.

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