Easily Optimize Content In Any Content Management System

<p>Shopify, Sqaurespace, Weebly, Wix, Wordpress and other content management tools are flooding the ecommerce space. Selling your product or service online has never been easier, but it's also creating a competitive online marketplace like we've never seen. Small gains and slight competitive advantages can mean big changes in conversion rates and online sales. This article shows how to improve conversion rates and how to measure the impact.</p>

There was a time when taking an idea from conception to reality was a tireless quest to find designers, developers, merchant accounts and website servers. If, and only if you had all of those things, could you start to sell online.Gone are the days of hiring a full-stack developer, a systems administrator and an advertising agency at $250 an hour to get an online store up and running. With the accessibility of platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, Cratejoy, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress and other leading content management and ecommerce platforms, your product can have a fully functional website collecting credit card payments and organizing inventory in the time it takes to mow the lawn.


The same is true about website personalization. A buzz-word in the marketing tech world previously reserved for corporations with complicated algorithms, attribution analysis and robust customer taxonomy. Enter GeoFli, the simple content replacement tool with powerful results.

How Does Content Replacement Work With GeoFli?

Step One: Click "Create Campaign."

Step Two: Enter your existing URL (yourstore.com)

Step Three: Change content by state, city or region.

Step Four: Click the state. Change your website for visitors from that state. Point. Click. Create.

Before GeoFli: Generic Hero Image

After GeoFli: Shop the Montana Collection. A subtle change = big results.

Small Changes In The E-Commerce Conversion Rate = Big Sales

If there’s one data point you should look at on a weekly or at least a monthly basis, make that data point your ecommerce-conversion-rate. This number is the total number of orders divided by the total number of website visitors. 10 sales and 1,000 website visitors? One percent conversion. 100 sales? Ten percent conversion.Need help finding your e-commerce conversion rate? We do it free. Sign up here for a confidential e-commerce tracking screenshare.

What Happens When E-Commerce Conversion Rates Increase?

Great things, that’s what. Check out the image above.Using simple content replacement, a GeoFli page improves website conversion rates from three to five percent which doesn't sound like a huge jump. But over a few thousand website visitors, that number makes a big difference to the tune of 100 orders. Simply by driving customers to the desired action in an elegant way, GeoFlied pages improve conversions at the awareness and discovery phase. Small changes here mean big changes down the conversion funnel.What does it mean to optimize content? Optimizing content is the practice of changing and replacing existing website text and images that are relevant to the geographic location of the customer. A t-shirt company selling state-based apparel can surface the Austin collection for any website visitor from Texas. Thinking of GeoFli as your go-to marketing tool for the tool chest or a marketing weapon for your arsenal is how we describe it. It’s lightweight, takes minutes to get live, and once it’s done, your customers will have a better experience and you’ll sell more online.

Website Personalization > Online Advertising

And the customer is installing ad-blockers. Display ads have less than a one percent click-through rate and sometimes an even lower click-to-conversion rate. Retargeting is annoying and Facebook ads are fatiguing. 25 percent of website users now have ad-blockers installed. Trying to compete with Amazon, Backcountry.com and Wal-Mart with online marketing is like trying to compete with Lebron James in a dunking contest: you want to find another channel to connect with customers.That’s why we created GeoFli. GeoFli allows anyone, regardless of technical background or the size of their technical team (or if you don’t even have a technical team!), to change and replace website content based on visitor location. We’re here to help you get set up. Stop providing a one-size-fits-nobody website experience. Chat with someone on our team, request a quick demo or just reach out. How much longer are you going to let website visitors come to your site and leave without finding what they’re looking for.

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