Change Website Content Based on Location: Ten Video Ideas

Change Website Content Based on Location: Ten Video Ideas

To easily change website content based on location can feel like a magic trick: using your existing homepage, surface different content for your visitors based on location. While it’s fun to select an image and change it for website visitors from Chicago, California or anywhere else on planet Earth, the real fun comes when analyzing results. Personalized websites see an average increase in pages per session, time-on-site and an increase in cost-per-conversion. At GeoFli, we’re so much more than a software-as-a-service company: we’re your partners in generating a personalization strategy to match your digital marketing goals. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to change website content based on location.We get a lot of requests to change website content based on location: from the simple to the custom enterprise solutions, we’re always excited to tackle a new geotargeting project.

Improve Goal Completion on Your Website. Surface Call-to-Action Buttons:

This is an example we put together for the higher ed vertical. Colleges use geotargeting to change website content based on location for potential students and alumni. As a result, they see an increase in conversion and completion rate for the big three: inquiries, campus visits and applications. [embed][/embed]

Change Content For Major Cities vs. Rural Visitors. Increase Relevancy.

If your goal is to promote an event or an offer only available to a specific part of the state or country, you know it can be challenging to execute in an elegant way. That’s where website personalization comes in handy. In less than three minutes, you can see how GeoFli personalizes website content for potential customers of an auto-dealer.[embed][/embed]

Change Content Based on Location: Global or Local

Franchises and companies with multiple locations have a lot to gain from changing website content based on location. Without having to create multiple landing pages, simply add or replace content on your existing website based on your company location.[embed][/embed]

Get More Calls To Your Business. Surface Regional Specific Phone Numbers:

Easily change phone number on your website based on your potential customer locations. Have an east coast office? Direct east coast visitors to call that site. Have an international headquarters? Display the international number for a better website experience to those visitors coming to you from Europe! Here’s how to customize a phone number on your website.[embed][/embed]

IP Targeting Software: Personalize Content Based on IP Address:

Perhaps you have the IP addresses of businesses, campuses or blocks that you’d like to isolate. With GeoFli IP Targeting Software, you can easily create your own custom geofence using IP address regular expression. Check out the video below to learn how to personalize content for users based on IP address. [embed][/embed]

Keep Users On Page Longer: Personalize Header Images:

Here's a great example of taking multiple page areas and replacing some of the largest sections for specific website visitors. Surfacing content for visitors:[embed][/embed]

Sell More Tickets: Feature Regional Shows:

This one is easy if you're in the entertainment management space. Simply showcase the event or concert to the regional audience that you want to sell tickets.[embed][/embed]

Improve Ad Performance Post-Click:

What previously required hundreds of landing page variations now just requires one. In the example below, we connect a Facebook Ad targeting graduate students, to the business school page. You can also learn more about redirecting visitors based on location in our article from last month. [embed][/embed]

Improve Experience for Long Distance Customers:

Visit Montana wanted to improve their website experience for visitors from Texas. Below is an example we created for them showing how GeoFli could help do exactly that. Call it geotargeting or geomarketing: the results are the same: a more relevant homepage experience.

Same URL: Different Domestic and International Websites

Easily change language for international website visitors coming to your homepage, or any page. Here's an example from higher-ed showing how we can easily change website content based on location. These videos are just a launching off point. Get started with your own personalization strategies and create a GeoFli account here:

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