Top 5 Things Found on All Awesome Admissions Websites

The goal of a university’s admissions website is to help students learn about the school and encourage them to hit “apply.” Ultimately, schools hope that their admissions website can help convince students to attend their college or university. This post shares the five things awesome college admissions websites have in order to help them reach this goal. After reading about these five things, be sure to check out GeoFli’s list of the best 19 admissions websites.

  1. Media that helps potential students get the feel of campus
  2. Admissions sites that include vibrant, entertaining, and exciting media content such as pictures, videos, and interactive maps help students get a taste for what it feels like to be on that campus. Students are more likely to apply to and attend a school where they feel excited about the campus and its features. Don’t forget to include media and information about the community surrounding the school as well![caption id="attachment_8829" align="aligncenter" width="370"] Interactive map of the University of Montana campus[/caption]
  3. Easy navigation to more information and applications
  4. Students visit admissions sites to learn more about the academic offerings of a university and to send in an application. If this information is difficult to find students might be inclined to look on other admissions sites for easier access. Since one of the main goals of an admissions site is to entice students to apply and attend, it is extremely important that access to the application link is easy.  Some admissions sites even make the application link fun and exciting by saying “play” or “start now” instead of “apply here.” Another way to make more information available to students is by integrating a pop-up or form that asks for a potential student’s email in order to send him or her more information about the university. The pop-up or form could even ask for intended major or area of interest and allow you to email them about more specific programs the university offers.[caption id="attachment_8830" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Warner University’s admissions site contains fun buttons that potential students can click for more information.[/caption]
  5. Quick facts and statistics
  6. Is your university nationally ranked? Were you voted the most beautiful campus in the north-west US? Do you know the number of students who study in your courtyard each day? These quick facts help give your university a feeling of reliability and accessibility. Being able to learn about the positive aspects of a school without searching online for hours allows students to gain positive attitudes toward your university more quickly. Keep in mind that these facts don’t have to be solely academic. Try to think of notable statistics about your large intramural athletics programs, delicious food court, or brand new dormitory.
  7. Easy access from a mobile device
  8. Ninety-four percent of people between the ages of  18 and 29 own a smartphone. There is a good chance that most of the students considering your university have a smartphone and are using it to research their different schooling options. If your admissions site is difficult to navigate from a mobile device you will likely lose the short term interest of students trying to learn more about your program.  Make sure that your mobile website makes the three features described above (media, more information, applications, and quick facts) easy to view.[caption id="attachment_8831" align="aligncenter" width="400"] The difference between a good and bad mobile site is easy to see.[/caption]
  9. Website personalization based on geological location
  10. The first four features mentioned in this blog post are all about making the university seem accessible and personable to potential students. However, even though these features are greatly needed, your website is not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of landing page. GeoFli offers website personalization based on geological location- this means that you could create different website experiences for a potential student from the Silicon Valley and a potential student in the farm lands of Kentucky. The CA student might be most interested in your nationally ranked computer science program and your large, outdoor food court while the student from KY might be more drawn to the many hands-on programs you offer and wide open views from campus. Being able to create multiple website personalizations that are targeted toward individual geological areas with GeoFli might ultimately help your admissions website do its job: getting students to say “sign me up!” Try it for free to see it work for your site!

Article written by Kassi Strong

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