Announcing New GeoFli Targeting Features

<p>GeoFli offers three tools for creating your geotargeting regions. We explain when and how to use our location library, radius targeting and our custom draw tools. Enjoy!</p>

The GeoFli team is excited to launch our new targeting features. Our goal has always been to make personalizing your website simple. With this goal in mind, we created our location library,radius targeting and custom draw.We want to help keep website visitors on your page, increase online goal conversions and decrease bounce rate. Check out the video showing all three targeting methods in action.

Which Targeting Feature Is Right for Me?

You have a plan in mind. You want to show testimonials of your enrolled students from Texas to anyone visiting your homepage from the Lone Star State. What next?

1. Location Library

Use if you're targeting entire states. This is also a great place to start for first-time campaign creators. Works well in collaboration with digital marketing campaigns segmented by state.Point. Click. Target: Location library prides itself on simplicity. You can select multiple locations and replace content for each in the next step. In the video above, we choose Texas. This means anyone visiting from Texas will see content specific to Texans. "75 enrolled students from Texas" or "This is your admission's counselor, meet Jackie!"

2. Radius Targeting

Use if you're thinking about targeting a specific city or zip code, radius targeting is the feature for you. Using your Enrollment Management CRM or Google Analytics, determine your heat map when it comes to customer location. Using radius targeting, replace content on your homepage to personalize your website content to those important regions.Circle Game: Radius targeting is a three step process. First, you want to give your region a name. This could be Cooke County, this could be Memphis Metro or it could be Austin NACAC. Second,type in the center point for your circle. Third, adjust distance from center point and you're good to go!

3. Custom Draw

Use if you're ready to start building regions outside of what's offered in the location library or through radius targeting. Want to target a group of three connecting states? Great! Do you have specific parts of the state or recruiter territories to increase applicant to enrolled yield? Draw it!Point. Draw. Create: At the custom draw level, the first step is to type in the name of the location you'll be building. Examples include West Coast, South Texas or Monroe County. Next click on the drawing tool and select the first point for your polygon (if you're drawing Colorado, your first point would be a corner, not the center). Complete the drawing by connecting your dots.

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