5 Marketing Tools for the Auto Industry

<p>Here we discuss some of the current obstacles for automobile industry marketers and a group of tools designed to make it easier. These tools are MailChimp, Wistia, GeoFli, Typeform, and Facebook Ad Manager, and with proper use they can save you time, save you money, and help you make money. The auto industry is all about sales, and all five tools mentioned above are designed to get leads and conversions.&nbsp;</p>

Keeping pace with the digital revolution in our personal lives is hard. Constantly adapting to the new digital marketing platforms and trends can be mind-numbing, especially when it’s hard to feel the direct translation to more customers. Trying to stay ahead of the curve can prove to be a daunting task.Sorry to get all "the sky is falling" on you - we know you know these things are true. You already feel them.BUT! We also know this to be true:The obstacles dotting the digital landscape are many, but there are a few simple tools that can make navigation of this space easier and more fruitful with just a little bit of strategic thought and an afternoon to execute.


MailChimp enables you to make beautiful, customized emails with your existing mailing lists and allows you to automate some of your social media activity. Why does this matter more than the generic email campaign? Seeing as 89% of marketers don't segment their mailing lists, having a presence featuring relevant content based on your contacts' interests can help increase brand awareness and make sure you’re in the consideration conversation. The best part: you can start using it free today. There is an upgraded package available for just $10 a month, and a premier package for $199 a month.


The Wistia Video Player

Videos are a nice touch on a website or landing page, right? A quick loop featuring the newest models, or showing off a car’s crash-test safety rating is an effective marketing asset. Wistia helps you to use videos as a tool for conversions in your sales cycle. It starts by giving you a space to host your video (You might be thinking, "why not YouTube?" I’ll get to that!). Wistia also features a video player that can be embedded into your website, blog, or email (again, "why not YouTube?" I’m about to get to that!).And finally, unlike YouTube, Wistia enables you to use forms to generate conversions on every video, whether it be answering a survey or subscribing to a newsletter or email service. Packaged with powerful analytics access, one of the fastest video uploading serviceson the web,a free package so you can test the service on up three videos, and a professional plan starting at $99 a month, Wistia has established itself as the most complete video marketing tool, and one that can make life easier for every automotive dealer.


GeoFli Performance Metrics

Cutting through the noise is one of the hardest parts of marketing. A few of the surefire ways to break out of the inundation? Exceptional content and website personalization. The first one is on the content creator, as there just isn’t a platform or product out there that can automatically generate great content… yet. But the second is available to anyone. GeoFli assists website owners with website personalization, enabling users to easily create geotargeted content campaigns on their own website based on geographically targeted audiences, ensuring that customers are seeing the content and information most influential to their purchasing decision. There are three different packages available, designed to fit best to your budget and campaign needs. Though there are a few website personalization softwares on the web, none compares to GeoFli's simplicity and accuracy.


Your customers often have the opportunity to express interest before they ever reach out or set foot at your dealership. Sometimes, it’s thanks to a newsletter subscription form, and interest survey, or a service inquiry. Typeform makes it fun and easy to fill out a form. Plus, they have an endless list of uses for their service - check it out. Typeform is free to use with its basic package, and has two other packages available at $30 and $59 a month.

Facebook Ad Manager

Targeting is a complicated process, and even though everyone needs a car, finding an audience for the right type of car or the right platform can cause headaches. This is where Facebook remains king. Using its mountain of data, Facebook can generate a lookalike audience based off of users with similar characteristics as those in your current audience. This mimicked audience is much more likely to engage with your ad than a randomly targeted one - you should already be chomping at the bit to get started if you haven't used it before, and it's super easy to do. Read how here. And, just like the personal version, Facebook Ad Manager is free to use.You only pay for the ads you run.

In an industry so driven by consumer demand and technological innovation, its easy to get frustrated with the flood of digital marketing innovation we are experiencing, because who really has time for it if it's not their livelihood? The new era of marketing seems to be "do it yourself," which is good for many reasons, but mainly because it's pushing marketing to be more authentic.That's the beauty of using these tools. They're simple ways to more effectively and genuinely market your business to stay ahead of the constantly-moving curve.

What GeoFli Does For Auto:

GeoFli allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to easily personalize their existing website based on visitor location: someone visiting their dealership from New York will see different content than someone visiting from California. Someone visiting from within city limits will see different content than someone visiting from the outskirts of town.Interested in trying it on your website today? Start a free 14 day trial

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