25 Ways GeoFli Customers Use GeoFli

<p>At GeoFli we believe personalized website content is the future of marketing. We’ve built a platform that’s easy to use, but sometimes coming up with elegant, relevant and personalized marketing strategies is hard. We’re here to help. Here are 25 ways to use GeoFli on your existing website. With your GeoFli account, any of these can be done in less than 30 minutes.</p>

There’s a growing trend in marketing today. No longer do the intrusive, disruptive and interruptive marketers reign supreme. Data shows an increasing number of internet users installing pop-up blocking plugins and software. Ad fatigue is at an all-time high. At GeoFli, we believe personalized website content is the future of marketing. We’ve built a platform that’s easy to use and easier to make live,but sometimes coming up with elegant, relevant and personalized marketing strategies is hard.We’re here to help. Here are 25 ways to use GeoFli on your existing website.

1. Connect with Location-Specific Testimonials

Still using Jimmy Catalano’s testimonial from 13 years ago? It might be time for an upgrade. Using GeoFli, customers can show regionally targeted and relevant testimonials to prospective customers visiting their website from that area. The results? A 92% lift in the number of people that visit the homepage and view a second page during that session.

2. Educate on Direct Flight Options

People love to travel. People don’t love booking travel. Make it easy. For organizations seeking more tourism or economic development to their state or city, show decision makers direct flight options from their city. Display large potential luxury clients travel options. Show students (and their parents) how easy travel for the Thanksgiving and winter holiday breaks will be. Using IP targeting software makes it easy.

3. People All Over The World: Join Hands

Okay, maybe you don’t need to join hands, but using GeoFli your website can extend a hello, or an “hola” to your international visitors from Spanish-speaking countries. International prospective students visiting a college website experience a complicated process. Surface international application processes and support teams to that audience.

Aspiring astronaut, physics major, NASA intern, and first-generation Indian-American student Manju Bangalore was featured on the University of Oregon's homepage.

4. Regional Regulations

Are you in an organization with location-based laws and regulations? Create clarity with a transparent experience for your customers by educating them on the laws in their region and any possible solutions they can access. Showing the right message to the right audience: someone should really come up with a tool to make that happen ;)

5. Encourage Foot Traffic For Local Visitors

If your organization has just a few key brick-and-mortar locations but ships far and wide, show customers the appropriate information about the best way to purchase by segmenting the information on your website regionally on your homepage.

6. Personalize Call-To-Action Buttons

Do you want a lift in your conversion rates? We've seen it happen with easy changes like this:Though it seems like a cool trick, GeoFli makes an impact. In simple pre-post analysis, websites using GeoFli experience an increase of 30 percent in time-on-site when using simple targeting examples like the one above.

7. Deals and Discounts

Business owners experience an increase in foot traffic by using geofencing and push notification settings. Why is GeoFli better? Because your potential customers are in the awareness phase: they don’t have your application, they aren’t in your store and they haven’t clicked on a display ad (because who does that?) Place geofenced discounts on your homepage only for potential customers who live within 100, 50, 25 or 10 miles away. Pair with a paid traffic ad to get the word out and watch them pour in the doors.

8. International Context

Language differences in spelling like color versus colour. International phone number differences like +1 (406) 555-1234 versus +21 (0) 29 818 545. Your customers on every continent deserve an experience they can relate to, and feel like they are a part of, even if you're based in a different place.

9. Include Everyone in Your Brand

One GeoFli client - a French press and coffee storage maker with a Pacific Northwest brand identity, - would perform poorly for website visitors from Texas. E-commerce conversion rates in states like Washington, Colorado, and Oregon were well above average compared to the rest of the country. When the customer drew a radius around Austin and spoke more to Texas lifestyle, conversion rates increased more than 50% for website visitors from that GeoFlied radius.

10. Warm-Weather v. Cold-Weather

Whether you're an outdoor retailer, a destination marketing organization, or a travel agent, you know the value of catering to people's desire to escape the cold. Or, in the case of the marketing director for a destination ski hill, pull the heartstrings of extreme skiers stuck in Arizona.

11. Educate on Sales Tax ... or Lack Thereof

If you operate a business in one of the five states without sales tax, you're lucky. Entice out-of-state customers with the promise of an escape from paying four percent or more on their purchases by shopping with you, either online or by traveling to a physical store location. This perk can be especially convincing for big ticket purchases like expensive appliances.

12. Notify Nearby Visitors to Events Affecting Operations

In 2017, universities like Sonoma State University issued an "SSU Alert" regarding the major fires in California and how they affected university operations. Is your company hosting a softball tournament? Fun! But not something out-of-town visitors need to hear about. Local visitors might love to hear about the community service work you’re doing.

13. Surface Traveling Employee Territories

Do you have traveling salespeople? Admissions counselors with entire states or regions in the U.S to cover and somehow talk to as many students as possible? Are you planning a business trip across the country or in a different part of the world and want one more way to advertise your presence? Customers use GeoFli to alert relevant areas to their presence and increase points of contact, making the most of their time wherever they are.

14. Straightforward Product Selection

Show Montana specific products to Montanans. Show California specific products to Californians. Remove a few steps from the conversion process, remove the cognitive load for your customer journey and watch e-commerce-conversion rates take off.

15. Local Inventory

If you're a car dealership with multiple locations why would you show everyone across the country cars 1,200 miles away? Well the simple answer is, with GeoFli's location services, you don't have to. Take the unnecessary step for visitors of picking dealership locations before finding cars. GeoFli your website for locals and ease the process.

 16. URL Parameter Targeting

Using GeoFli's new Dynamic URL targeting feature, directly connect the targeting capabilities from Facebook Ad Manager, AdWords, Youtube, and other platforms to continue the personalized experience from the ad to the website. Target based on any demographic or industry, and blow the doors open on your business capabilities.

17. Local Networking

Does your local volunteer organization chapter, alumni group, networking circle or interest group hold events? Advertise events like "Seattle Alumni Meetup" or "Denver Venture Network Happy Hour this Friday!" right on the homepage, with an RSVP to supplement your social media outreach and watch your attendance increase.

18. Shipping Info

"Free Shipping within the Continental U.S.!” would be good to see for domestic website visitors. Not a great message for anyone else. Personalize and customize messages on shipping depending on visitor location.

19. Civic Awareness and Political Campaigns

Whether you run a nonprofit with a regional presence or work for a national committee, the push for awareness on issues and the call for civil activism will benefit from location-specific CTA's. Show the most regionally-affected and involved people where their time is most needed and most valuable. If your state has blue islands in red oceans, chances are you’ll be communicating differently to those groups seeing as they care deeply about different political issues.

20. Continue Digital Marketing Campaign Stories

Use Facebook Ads Manager to show geographic specific ads. Continue the story on the homepage. Here are a couple articles we’ve put together on Facebook marketing specifically to IP address and using lead ads combined with geotargeting.

21. Make a  Local Splash

Invite prospects and customers to visit your business and meet in person. Promote local charitable and community service events, fund raise, and participate in the events yourself while inviting people to volunteer or otherwise contribute with you.

22. Build Personas, Target Personas

You know your customers better than anyone. We work with car dealerships showing different messages for the dense city population compared to the the suburban or rural population. Simple IP address targeting plus persona targeting delivers powerful results. If you know those two customer types are different, you can now target them differently.

23. Advertise Tax Incentives

Tax incentives are great … if they apply to you. Make customers happy by showing them the incentives they qualify for! STARTUP NY is a great example. Compare Illinois tax rates for visitors from Chicago looking to move their business in NY. “Whoa, I can save a lot of money in tax dollars by moving my business!” is the reaction we’re looking for here.

24. Open a New Physical Location

Is your business opening a new location? Generate buzz with the residents of the area by GeoFliing announcement and get primed to visit before you even open!

25. Just For fun: Personalize a Happy Birthday Message

Using IP range targeting, replace the static header on your homepage with "Happy Birthday Rachel!" Now only website visitors from that IP address and that IP address alone will see the message.As always, reach out to our team with any questions or to get started GeoFliing your website today.

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