10 Reasons to Geo Redirect Your Website

With GeoFli, there are a few different ways to personalize your website by location. The first would be featuring different web content — including hero images, banners, body text and buttons — dependent on your site visitor’s location. Site content personalization means sharing the information most relevant to the visitor based on what you know about them. Search engines do it, and now anyone with a website can do it too.

What’s Geo Redirect Again?

Another key GeoFli feature goes by several names, but we like to call it a Geo Redirect. Similar to site content personalization, Geo Redirects are a way of directing website visitors to the information most relevant to them. But this time, we’re redirecting them to a new page on your website.

Let’s use an example. If someone from California and someone from Japan clicked on the same, Geo Redirect’d button on your site (say, a button that reads “Find Your Regional Representative”), they’d be sent to completely different pages — one with contact info for the rep in California, one with contact info (in Japanese) for the rep in Japan. They’re two different pages on your site with two different URLs (maybe geofli.com/rep/california vs. geofli.com/rep/japan), but traffic is driven to them both through a single button.

Who knew websites could be so smart? Gone are the days of sifting through long online lists.

Here are ten other reasons to Geo Redirect your website:

1. You manage several store locations.

If your business is run on brick-and-mortar store sales, then you probably have a webpage for each store location. These pages probably feature local announcements, products and other information specific to each store — which is great!

The trick is making sure all of your visitors easily navigate to these pages. Geo Redirect takes the navigation out of it by placing them on these store pages automatically, shortening the path to purchase and delighting your customers with relevant information. No store locator required!

2. You want to sell your product or service in several different cities or regions.

Take a university admissions office: they’re trying to sale a single, stationary product (a four-year education at their university) to a wide variety of locations, each with different scholarship opportunities. With Geo Redirect, applicants can find regional scholarship opportunities with a single click.

3. You want to spend less time answering easy questions.

Especially for large sites, site visitors may opt for contacting the company directly, rather than attempting to find the information online. We’ve all been there — it’s the immediate gratification thing.

But it can be frustrating for the company, especially if they’ve spent a lot of time developing a helpful, comprehensive website. Avoid the redundant customer service questions by serving visitors the exact page they want on the first try with Geo Redirect.

4. Your business is dependent on local laws.

Direct traffic to pages that consider the visitor’s location, and thus local laws, to avoid any pre-purchase confusion. Marijuana dispensaries, for example, may have different products or business requirements depending on the state.

5. Your site is currently under construction.

Site construction can be stressful enough, even without the 404 errors. While you’re building new pages or giving the old ones a facelift, take your site visitors on a URL detour to another, completed page. This is especially great if you’re giving old pages new URLs!

6. You want to improve your online advertising campaigns.

Bolster your location targeting by using a single Geo Redirect’d link on your campaign landing page — one destination URL for all of your target locations! Talk about a simple CTA.

7. You want to improve your site structure.

Search engines love a crawable, well-structured website. There’s a sweet spot with page volume — meaning the phrase “quality over quantity” applies when it comes to the number of pages on your site. Simplify your sitemap by including Geo Redirect’d links.

8. You have a long list you’ve been dying to get rid of.

If you have a large website with a lot of information, chances are that you also have a couple long, hard-to-navigate lists. You can put more power into a single button by using Geo Redirect, shortening that necessary, but annoying, list you’ve been dying to trim.

9. You have multiple websites in multiple languages.

International businesses are perhaps one of the greatest beneficiaries of Geo Redirect. Crossing borders with your products or services means complying with a variety of laws and considering a variety of cultures. One of the most critical elements of a culture? Its language.

For those moments when Google Translate just doesn’t get it right, customize your message in the visitor’s native tongue by redirecting them to a localized page.

10. You understand the importance of personalization.

Photo courtesy of Econsultancy

People crave relevancy and speed, and a personalized webpage is a great method of achieving both. In fact, personalization generates uplift across all channels. Consumers are even beginning to expect a customized message from the companies they interact with. Personalization shortens a consumer’s path to purchase, making the shopping experience more valuable for all involved — and GeoFli can help companies master personalization.

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