Starting your first geotargeting campaign.

Geotargeting is a marketing technique that focuses on creating relevant user content through their location.

The best way to implement geotargeting is by tailoring your message to their area etc etc something smart that Kyle wrote.

Our vision is one of elegant user experience both for the GeoFli admins and for the end website visitor.

We focus on client success and deliver a perfect 10 out of 10 on the net-promoter-score survey.

We believe in elegant website experiences.

We believe visitors to your homepage should be guided into the consideration phase without pop-ups, full-screen-takeovers or interruptive ads.

We believe the future of marketing is one ruled by user-experience and personalization.

We believe there’s a clear winner in the website geotargeting space. Spoiler alert, that company is GeoFli.

Our Team

When you become a GeoFli customer, you have instant access to seamless geotargeting software, powerful IP address personalization and, oh yeah, you’re backed by a team of digital marketing and software experts to get you from zero personalized in less than a day.

We come from backgrounds in software development, digital marketing, information systems, design and systems administration.

We care about customer success, in fact, we’re insane about it.

  • Kyle Pucko
    Kyle Pucko Co-Founder

    Kyle began his marketing career while working in the admissions offices of a few different colleges and universities in the U.S.  While at the University of Montana and pushing the boundaries of college admissions marketing, he met Nick.

  • Nick Shontz
    Nick Shontz Co-Founder

    While Nick was the Web Manager at the University of Montana, Kyle wanted to personalize the admissions website based on geographic location – so they did. Nick has written every line of code that built GeoFli.

We love where we work

Our headquarters are located in beautiful Missoula, Montana.
Interested in working with us? We would love to meet you!