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We wanted website personalization to be easy. 

It’s why whenever someone gets started, we help them get three content pieces personalized for three regions right out of the gate regardless of plan!

Engage Homepage Visitors Faster.

Surface relevant content and keep users on your site.

GeoFlied: Verb

The act of owning the internet through strategic and smart content personalizations.
What Is Geotargeting; Points on a map

Same website. Different Content. Experience the GeoFli difference.

Showcase regional testimonials: “I had a great experience at the Dallas location!” and regional team members: “Meet Sara, your Boston expert!”

How To: Using GeoFli to Easily Change Content

Convert More Website Visitors.

When you select specific locations, anyone from that area will see your unique personalized content. Visitors from everywhere else will see your existing site as it appears today.

GeoFli allows you to change one, two, or all the areas of page content from headlines to imagery. Add content that doesn’t exist elsewhere such as call-to-action buttons or promotions.

Geotargeted Personalized Website

Your content strategy just got smarter.

Blog posts specific to customer personas can be highlighted when those personas visit your site. Five camping spots in California: show to California visitors.

Target thousands of locations or draw your own geofence. 
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  • U.S. State
  • U.S. County
  • Zip Code
  • International

Powerfully Simple. Powerfully Sophisticated.

No HTML headaches.

Software built for marketers and sales teams to increase forms, sales and website goals.

Five Steps. 15 Minutes.


    It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up.


    We align your goals with campaign ideas.


    Choose from thousands of different locations.


    Choose elements on your page to geotarget.


    Go live and watch the conversion rates climb!

Custom launch services

Get Help Getting Started

Looking for some assistance? We’re real people building easy-to-use software. But when the rubber hits the road, sometimes you need a push. Contact our partnership team to take advantage of this free onboarding service.

We help launch three regions, three pages and three content areas in our first session (30 minutes).

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