Surface Geo-Specific Messages to Website Visitors.

The No. 1 Rated Geotargeting Software on the Internet.

Surface Relevant Content Specific To Your Geographic Markets

You can’t be everywhere at once. But your website can.

Grab and Keep Attention

Relevant content helps users engage faster.

Delight First Time Visitors

Move visitors from awareness to consideration.

Best in Show

Consistently ranked five stars in service and in UX.

Personalized Content displaying on a mobile website. 10 best city escapes for New Yorkers.

Increase Close Rate

More visitors land on your site and request info.

Decrease Exit Rate

Convert website visitors at critical points.

Keep Visitors 

25% increase in pages-per-session for Geoflied content.

Five Steps. 15 Minutes.

Website Personalization Made Simple

Built for marketers (by sympathetic developers).


Quickly add call-to-action buttons for visitors from specific locations where there isn’t one today.

Custom Draw Geofence

Personalizing content for a county, zip, state or the western part of your city? No problem.

Pixel Perfect

Our lightweight marketing pixel works with any CMS and cooperates nicely with Google Tag Manager. Oh, and we have a WordPress Plugin!

Integrate Google Analytics

Easily connect your existing events, conversions and metrics from GA.

Replace Images and Video

More than just content. Personalize video messages and images depending on the location of your site visitor.

Preview Regional Experiences

Design your GeoFli experiences then share with co-workers. “This is what our site looks like from Minneapolis!”

Our Happy Customers

  • Since The University of Oregon started working with GeoFli, it has been nothing but a positive experience. The success team is responsive to any questions we have and available when we need them.

    Cyrus Nichols University of Oregon
  • "Working with GeoFli has grown our state outreach without having to put bodies in the area selling our product. The software and the company has really helped propel and target sales leading to smarter advertising dollars."

    Luke Anderson UPTOP
  • “GeoFli is amazing.”

    Tammi Watson Montana State University Billings

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