Make your website remarkable.

A prospect from San Francisco sees different images, video and testimonials than a prospect from Chicago. 

Point-And-Click Changes

No CSS skills? No problem. Point. Click. Create.

Location Selection

We’ve done the heavy lifting. Just select the location you want to segment.

Launch in Minutes

GeoFli works seamlessly with your current website and CMS.

Performance Dashboard

Custom reports to measure and share the GeoFli impact. Surface the metrics that matter to your business.

Goal Tracking

Link specific website goals to your GeoFli segments. Want to increase form sign-ups in Florida? Make it a goal.

Add Team Members

The power of a team is real. Harness it by adding users.

Design Elegant Personalized Experiences On Your Existing Website.

A Post-Click Experience

Online ads are noisy. 

We provide clarity. Delivering an elegant on-page experience for users to cut through the noise is our goal. Your customers are fatigued with the barrage of advertisements served to them online. They want relevant content that’s easy to find. GeoFli makes that easy.

One URL. Unlimited Segmented Experiences.

Edit Headers

Above-the-fold content changes are easy to execute and have the highest impact.

Geo Redirection

Want to change the site that users from Canada land on? We can do that.

Replace Images

Web visitors from Texas see different images than web visitors from New York.


Add or subtract buttons to promote different regional offerings.

Body Copy

Personalize entire sections of copy anywhere on the page. Testimonials, event info and more.


Schedule personalized content to start, stop and pause based on the timing of your events.

Geotarget your CTAs

Add content instead of simply replacing your existing content.

GeoFli empowers you, the marketing team, to add buttons where previously one didn’t exist. It’s not magic, it’s just an awesome software 🙂


Generic content homepage


Different header plus added button.

Our Team of Personalization Experts Are Here to Help.

Segment new website visitors by state

When you select a specific state anyone from that state will see your unique personalized content. Visitors from anywhere else will see your existing site as it appears today.

geotargeting software
website personalization software

Show county specific messaging to customers.

Surface shipping, location, or industry regulations to website visitors base on what county they’re visiting your website from.

  • Retail businesses
  • Service industry

City Specific Website Content

Have information on your website that would be better served to specific cities and not others? GeoFli your website for any visitor within a 10, 25, 50 or 100-mile radius of any city anywhere in the world.

Instagram Marketing for Colleges

Point. Click. Draw Your Geofence.

Show different website content to visitors from West Seattle than the rest of the city. Surface specific products for visitors on the East coast or the midwest.

  • University campuses
  • Convention centers
  • Neighborhood demographics
  • High traffic locations like airports

Enterprise Solutions

Bulk upload IP addresses, zip-codes and more! If you can think it, we’ll likely tell you it’s possible (we just have to figure out how to build it).
Contact us about all the possibilities for your website.

No new CMS. No new landing pages. Launch in minutes.

GeoFli Works On Your Existing Website.

Compatible With:

  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Cascade
  • Weebly
  • Custom Builds
  • Cratejoy
  • Many more

CSS Customization. Make it shine!

WYSIWYGs not your thing? Open the hood and create more advanced changes with our CSS selector option.

GeoFli Marker

Easily build a better experience for your visitors.