5 Websites With Geopersonalized Products


Screenshot of StubHub.com's homepage

Stubhub.com is a ticket exchange and resale company. Users can buy and sell sports, concert, theater, and broadway tickets all on Stubhub. When you land on their page, you can automatically see events taking place near you. Simply click on an event that fancies your interest, and StubHub will provide you with plenty of ticket purchasing or selling options. StubHub.com is a great example of a geopersonalized website.

Why they’re doing a great job:

StubHub excels in the geopersonalization department by automatically determining the location of its website’s visitors and surfacing relevant content. Stubhub.com understands that because I’m accessing the site from Missoula, I’d probably be interested in watching the Montana Grizzlies football and basketball teams play as well as the Missoula Paddleheads. They’ve truly mastered the art of geotargeting.


Fanatics.com serves as a one-stop shop for all your sports team gear needs. NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL, you name it! They also have gear for the top international soccer clubs around the world. For those who want to rep their team by sporting a fresh new kit or jersey, Fanatics.com has you covered.

How they could improve:

When visitors land on their website, they should be greeted with images of gear from the local sports teams. Fanatics.com already has products for every team in every region imaginable. Conversion rates would receive a significant boost if customers didn’t have to waste any time looking for exactly what they want. Geotargeting tools could help Fanatics.com segment their market and determine exactly which people from which regions need to see which content.


Flags.com has something for every region you could think of. They’re match made in heaven for geotargeting because customers can shop for flags by state. They can also purchase flags for their favorite sports teams.

How they could improve:

With the assistance of geotargeting, Flags.com could display exactly which flag best suits customers’ needs based on visitor location. Proud Oklahomans would be greeted by their good old state flag the moment they arrived at Flags.com. Die-hard Lakers fans in Los Angeles who visit the site would instantly see a nice purple and gold flag and feel right at home. Because flags inherently have sentimental value, it’s important that visitors see the perfect one the moment they arrive at the website.


Screenshot of homesick.com's states candles page.

Homesick.com sells candles for states, cities, and even countries around the world. These candles are perfect for folks who want to be reminded of home. Homesick.com has a firm grasp on just about every region you can think of.

How they could improve:

Homesick.com understands the importance of personalization. They can take it a step further by converting into a full-blown geopersonalized. When someone from Phoenix arrives at the website, they should instantly see the Phoenix candle along with the Arizona candle. Therefore, time-on-site gets optimized which is key for conversion rates.


Screenshot of Literless.com's guide on where to grocery shop.

Litterless is a website run by an environmental activist and consultant named Celia who shares resources and builds community around the topic of zero waste and the circular economy. The website includes guides on where to shop and where to compost for each state in the US.

How they could improve:

Litterless offers valuable information to people all across the US. One way to ensure that visitors don’t miss any useful content is to surface the content from the jump. The first thing a visitor sees needs to be a list of places near them where they can shop waste-free and where they can compost. A geopersonalized experience is exactly what this website needs.